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Rebecca is a third-year Linguistics and Politics student at Newcastle University. She is a writer and freelance copyeditor for fiction manuscripts, and loves finding new DIY decor ideas.

Best Pinboards For Children’s Rooms

As your child gets older, you’ll love having a pinboard to keep all of their school reminders and memorabilia in one place. But why...

Best Tree Wall Decals for Children’s Rooms

We all love a touch of nature to wake up to, don’t we? With these tree wall decals, you can bring the outdoors into...

Best Bedside Tables for Kids Rooms

Bedside tables are a must for any child’s room as a practical way to keep track of all the things they might need before...

Best Posters For Kids Rooms

Posters are an easy and exciting way to jazz up your child’s room with some of their own personality. There’s hundreds of posters on...

Hanging Planets For Children’s Rooms

These hanging planets for children’s rooms are out of this world! Your child will have the coolest room in the galaxy with their very...

Growth Charts For Kids

Measuring your children’s height is a fun way for them to keep track of how they’re growing – plus, it teaches them all about...

Best Radios For Kids

Radios don’t have to be a grown-up toy with these fun kid-friendly radios! Each of these best radios for kids has full FM connection,...

Best Cuckoo Clocks For Children’s Rooms

Add a little European charm to your child’s room with a stylish cuckoo clock. Far from going out of fashion, a character clock will...

Best Light For Children’s Rooms

Sometimes we don’t think about the lighting in our children’s rooms as much as we might the wallpaper or posters. How much customisation do...

Cute Animal Prints For Children’s Rooms

Animal prints are an easy way to add an adorable finish to your child’s room. Choose their favourite animal as a statement piece for...