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Best Cuckoo Clocks For Children’s Rooms

Add a little European charm to your child’s room with a stylish cuckoo clock. Far from going out of fashion, a character clock will be a statement piece to make your child’s room truly unique.

Do you want a more traditional style, or are you on-trend with a minimalist Nordic themed clock? Either way, we’ve picked out a variety of the best cuckoo clocks for children’s rooms to suit whatever vibe you want your child’s room to hold.

Best 5 Cuckoo Clocks for Children’s Rooms

Forest Cuckoo Clock

Ideal for: A chic centrepiece

This stunning modern cuckoo clock is the perfect way to add a little German chic to your child’s room. Made with a unique asymmetrical shape and painted with water-based dyes, this clock will perfectly complement calm, cool décor – while adding that quirky touch with the little yellow cuckoo.

Help your child with time awareness when the cuckoo pops out every hour, but a smart sensor light will stop him calling when your child is asleep!

Why is this great for your kid’s room?

  • Inspired by the dense Black Forest.
  • Every clock made to order in England.
  • All paints and dyes are VOC free.

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Trenkle Kucklino Swiss House Clock

Ideal for: A family that wants those sweet finishing touches

Add a dose of cuteness to your child’s cosy room with this wooden cuckoo clock. Features include a swingable girl in authentic Swiss dress, cabin-style finishes to the design, and turning goats.

And the cuckoo chime automatically switches off between 21:00 to 6:00 hours! Or, if you’d prefer to switch it to chime as the sun rises, you can use the light sensor to turn your clock off and on with the sun.

Why should you get this for your kid’s room?

  • Made with dial wood
  • Multiple options for night programming
  • Made in traditional Germany

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Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with Mechanical Bird

Ideal for: Traditional charm

Are you looking for a cuckoo clock that will give your child’s room a brilliant dose of character? This German-made traditional Bavarian clock is hand-carved into gorgeous leaf, bird and branch shapes surrounding the clock, with a cute bird popping out every hour to sing.

Mount your clock on the wall above your child’s bed, or position it opposite so they can always see what time it is when they’re snuggled up.

Why are these perfect for your kid’s room?

  • Every clock is handmade in Germany.
  • Mount your pretty clock on the wall.
  • Ultra-traditional style for a little class in your child’s room

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Chalet-Style Wall Cuckoo Clock

Ideal for: A room with style

This sweet, arty clock will complement your child’s upgrade to a chic, big girl/boy’s room. Hang this pretty chalet-style cuckoo clock above your child’s bed and practice telling the time with them, using the pendulum to become aware of seconds and the cuckoo’s call to become aware of hours.

No fear for your child’s sleep, though – the clock comes with a night-silent setting, so the cuckoo only starts to chirp again once the sun’s streamed through their open curtains!

Why will your kid love this in their room?

  • Pretty chalet-style clock with pendulum
  • Smart night-silent for undisturbed sleep
  • Comes in mauve or green

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Heidi Cuckoo Clock

Ideal for: Smaller bedrooms

This pint-sized cuckoo clock is ideal to place on a shelf in your child’s bedroom. Built with natural wood and available in two finishes, you’ll adore how this clock is both playful and stylish.

And it comes with a light sensor that makes the bird go to sleep in darkness, so there’s no need to worry about your little cuckoo friend waking your child up on the hour through the night!

Why is this great for your kid’s room?

  • Choose between either an ash or black walnut finish.
  • Classic and minimalist hand styles are available.
  • Proudly made in Britain!

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We love the punch of character and European charm that cuckoo clocks add to children’s rooms. They’re just in that sweet spot between being practical and unique that both parents and kids will adore. We’ve included some great variety in our top 5 cuckoo clocks for children’s bedrooms – so whether you want ultra-traditional or pared-back modern style, there’s a clock for you!

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