Best Floating TV Units for Kids Rooms


Creating a harmonious and functional space for our children often involves more than just selecting the right colour for the walls or the cosiest bed. One aspect that frequently goes overlooked, yet holds significant importance, is the selection of furniture – particularly when it comes to integrating technology in a safe and accessible manner. In this context, choosing the right floating TV unit for your child’s room is not just about aesthetics; it’s a decision that blends safety, functionality, and style. In today’s post, we delve into the crucial considerations every parent should make when selecting a floating TV unit.

From ensuring top-notch safety standards to considering the room’s layout and the unit’s adaptability as your little one grows, we cover all the bases. Whether you’re looking for a unit that provides ample storage or one that fits perfectly with your child’s evolving taste, join us as we navigate the key factors that will guide you to the ideal choice, balancing practicality with a touch of childhood wonder.

Best Overall
"Modern design, ample storage, easy cable management."
  1. Size: 140L x 30W x 30H cm
  2. Material: Engineered Wood
  3. Colour: Natural Wood Finish
  4. Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Runner Up
"Space-saving design, robust build, elegant aesthetic."
  1. Size: 120 x 26 x 17 cm
  2. Material: Plywood
  3. Colour: Dark Grey
  4. Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars
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"Space-saving, waterproof, with easy assembly."
  1. Size: 140cm
  2. Material: Engineered Wood
  3. Colour: Grey White
  4. Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars
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"Sturdy, sleek, and space-efficient design with great storage."
  1. Size: L120 x W24 x H16 cm
  2. Material: Engineered Wood
  3. Colour: Dark Brown
  4. Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
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"Elegant design, high-quality material, superb value."
  1. Size: 135L x 35W x 23H cm, 16 kg
  2. Material: 18 mm thick manufactured wood
  3. Colour: Oak
  4. Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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"Space-saving design, sturdy build, and modern aesthetics."
  1. Size: H - 48cm x W- 100cm x D - 39cm
  2. Material: Wood
  3. Colour: Grey
  4. Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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"Stylish, space-saving, and easy-to-assemble floating unit."
  1. Size: 120 x 23.6 x 15.8 cm
  2. Material: Engineered wood
  3. Colour: Dark Brown
  4. Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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"Chic, space-efficient, and durably crafted."
  1. Size: 108 x 33 x 30cm
  2. Material: P2 Particle Board
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars
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"Modern design, ample storage, easy assembly, high-quality materials."
  1. Size: 115.5 x 28.5 x 21.5 cm
  2. Material: Melamine coated particle board
  3. Colour: White
  4. Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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"Chic design, robust build, and space-efficient."
  1. Size: 100 x 30 x 17.2 cm
  2. Material: High quality MDF
  3. Colour: Matte Black
  4. Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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"Elegant design, robust quality, and easy installation."
  1. Size: 120 x 20 x 16 cm
  2. Material: Engineered Wood
  3. Colour: Dark Grey
  4. Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
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"Elegant, durable, and space-saving Floating TV Unit."
  1. Size: 32H x 35D x 150W cm
  2. Material: Engineered wood
  3. Colour: White
  4. Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Top Pick
Homcom Floating TV Stand Cabinet

Homcom Floating TV Stand Cabinet

Streamlined storage for modern living spaces.

Sturdy, minimal, and sleek Floating TV Unit. Ideal for contemporary homes seeking to maximise space and style. A worthy investment for a clutter-free entertainment area.

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Size: 140L x 30W x 30H cm
Material: Engineered Wood
Colour: Natural Wood Finish
Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Wall-mounted unit floats, freeing up floor space and creating a clean, modern aesthetic.

Pros of the HOMCOM Floating TV Stand Cabinet for TVs up to 60"

Meet the saviour of small living spaces: the HOMCOM Floating TV Stand. This piece isn't just about good looks; it practically donates floor space back to your room. Fancy a sleek, high gloss finish? This stand makes your TV ensemble look like its perpetually ready for a glossy magazine shoot. Storage woes? Poof! Vanished, with stealthy compartments and shelves that gobble up the mess. And cables? Those sneaky snakes are tamed with built-in management holes. Built with the steadfastness of particle board and flaunting a natural wood finish, it's a sturdy charmer that snuggly fits TVs up to the big 6-0 inches.

Cons of Parking Your TV Here

Alright, let's navigate the choppy waters. Assembly is a DIY affair not everyone's cup of tea. So, if the thought of wielding a screwdriver makes you queasy, you might want to phone a buddy. Also, keep in mind, it has a weight limit of 30kg - no heavyweight champions, please.

Throwdown: This Stand vs. The World

When floating TV units rumble, this HOMCOM piece pirouettes in the ring with its chic design, then delivers a knockout with its clever storage. While rivals may parade rustic charm or industrial chic, this contender is unapologetically futuristic. It's like it teleported from a posh, space-age condo right into your living room.

Final Thoughts: Worth the Spend?

So, is parting with your quid for this HOMCOM piece a stroke of genius? If you're all for a design that elevates your space (quite literally) and keeps your tech organised, then its a resounding yes. Its a slick addition thats bound to spark envy and turn your TV setup into a swanky focal point. In the TV stand league, this is the champ with the belt, folks.

  • Modern Aesthetic: The floating design offers a sleek, contemporary look that complements modern decor.
  • Integrated Storage: Equipped with end cabinets and middle shelves to keep media devices and accessories organised.
  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from engineered wood with a high gloss finish for durability and easy maintenance.
  • Cable Management: Features cable holes for tidying wires, reducing clutter and tangling.
  • Load Capacity: Can support up to 30 kg, suitable for TVs up to 60 inches.
  • Limited Colour Options: Available in Natural Wood Finish only, which may not suit all interior colour schemes.
  • Assembly Required: Some people might find the assembly process challenging or time-consuming.
Runner up
Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Maximise space with sleek storage.

Sturdy, reliable and space-efficient, the Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit is an ideal choice for modern homes seeking a minimalist look without sacrificing functionality.

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Size: 120 x 26 x 17 cm
Material: Plywood
Colour: Dark Grey
Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Its floating design creates a clean, uncluttered look, enhancing the perception of space in any room.

Our Take on the Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Ever assembled furniture with a grin? That's the unexpected joy of putting together the floating tv unit. It's like it telepathically beams the instructions straight to your brain. Picture your wall suiting up in elegance; that's the aesthetic sophistication we're dealing with. Durability-wise, it's the equivalent of a trusty oak solid. And your bank account? It breathes a sigh of relief at the affordability. Now, isn't that a sweet melody to your ears?

A Few Wrinkles in the Fabric

Gold strips. They're the Marmite of furniture accents not everyone's cup of tea. If your home screams minimalism, you might find these embellishments a tad garish. Price-wise, some argue it's on the steep side value's subjective, isn't it? And space? It's cosy, but let's face it, if you're looking to store an arsenal of media devices, you might find it a squeeze.

Battle of the Floating Units

In the gladiatorial arena of wall-mounted wonders, this unit steps up with a matte finish that's as stylish as a Vogue cover and storage generosity reminiscent of a festive granny. However, it doesn't sweep the board. Craving a kaleidoscope of colour options or a build that sidesteps tools? Then, your wandering eyes might find solace elsewhere.

The Bottom Line: Should You Shell Out?

Here's the no-nonsense verdict: yearning for a blend of chic design and resilience without needing a cavernous storage space? This unit could well be your living room's soulmate. But if you're a fan of variety and your DIY skills are as absent as a ghost, perhaps this isn't your furniture fling.

  • Easy to assemble: Users report that the unit is simple to construct, even for those with limited DIY skills.
  • Elegant design: The sleek and sophisticated design adds a modern touch to any living space.
  • Excellent quality: Constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability.
  • Sturdy and well-made: Robust build quality means the unit is long-lasting and reliable.
  • Value for money: Customers believe the unit offers excellent value, balancing cost and features.
  • Metal strip mismatch: Some users report the gold strip doesn't fit their decor, preferring alternatives like chrome or silver.
  • Limited color options: A need for more variety in colour to match a range of decors has been expressed.
  • Assembly tools: The need for specific tools like a drill can be inconvenient for some.
Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Sleek and spacious floating media storage.

Sturdy, reliable, and waterproof, Pmnianhua's Floating TV Unit is perfect for modern homes looking to maximise space and maintain a clean aesthetic.

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Size: 140cm
Material: Engineered Wood
Colour: Grey White
Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Ample storage and a floating design allow for easy cleaning and a clutter-free environment.

Why We're Smitten with the Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Who knew that setting up a TV unit could be as straightforward as pie? This floating tv unit is your ally in this, packing in a handy drill bit and even a trusty spirit level no more wonky installations! This unit's sturdiness is on par with a fortress, yet it pirouettes with the grace of a ballet dancer, proving itself a smart purchase. Imagine a compact command center for your viewing pleasure, elegantly suspended, transforming your wall into a statement piece. And those tangled wires? Banished. Thanks to its ingenious cable management, your cords are as neatly sorted as a librarian's bookshelf. Wave goodbye to the dust-gathering expeditions underneath this unit floats above the fray.

A Few Sour Notes

However, it's not without its quirks. The industrial chic aesthetic isn't everyone's brew its white components might clash with some decors. Plus, if your TV's screen size rivals a cinema's, you might want to measure twice this unit favours more modest dimensions.

Outshining the Rivals

When squared off with its competitors, this unit takes the cake. It liberates your floor, granting it the freedom of the great outdoors. It excels in the cable management department, and its assembly is a breeze think the simplicity of Lego, minus the foot-destroying bricks. The caveat? It's got a distinct industrial flair and suits small to mid-sized screens best.

The Verdict: Bag It or Bin It?

So here's the scoop: if you're hunting for a sleek bastion for your binge-watching sessions, the floating tv shelf might just be the ticket. It's a triple threat with its striking looks, clever features, and solid build, tailored for screens that don't stretch beyond the medium range. Just make sure you're on board with its distinctive style and that your TV isn't auditioning for a role on the big screen. From us, it's a resounding thumbs up!

  • Easy assembly: Includes necessary hardware and tools like a drill bit and spirit level.
  • Quality build: Solid and robust construction ensures durability.
  • Modern design: Space-efficient and ideal for organising TV and related accessories.
  • Cable management: Comes with a large hole for neat cable organisation.
  • Cleaning convenience: The floating design simplifies floor cleaning.
  • Style preference: The industrial look of the white parts may not suit everyone's taste.
  • Size limitation: May not fit larger TV models.
Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Sleek Dark Brown Floating TV Unit.

Sturdy, reliable, and space-saving with an attractive design suitable for any modern living room seeking style and functionality.

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Size: L120 x W24 x H16 cm
Material: Engineered Wood
Colour: Dark Brown
Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Equipped with cable management to maintain an uncluttered aesthetic.

Diving into the Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit

Picture this: a floating oasis of entertainment, the floating tv unit. Not just any TV stand, but a magnet for admiring glances. Its sturdy build will have you nodding in approval, and the generous storage space is a silent nod to its practicality. The slow-closing doors? They're the hush in a library, a subtle nod to the finer things. And the design? If it were on social media, it'd be trending. Nestle it in a snug corner or let it bask in your minimalist haven; it's the perfect wingman for your wall-mounted TV, coordinating your tech with finesse. But how does it fare when it comes to setting up?

The Flip Side of the Coin

Brace yourselves, it's not all smooth sailing. This piece has weight, demanding a strong wall and possibly a friend's assistance. DIY enthusiasts, prepare for a bit of a puzzle with assembly and steel yourself against the odd stubborn screw. Style-wise, the faux marble finish may divide opinionslove it or loathe it, it's a statement.

Benchmarking the Space-Saver

In the realm of space-saving, this unit is levitating on style and substance. Kiss goodbye to floor clutter and say hello to elevated elegance. Its stability is no illusion; the unit stands its ground firmly, marrying seamless storage with a modern aesthetic.

The Final Take: Should You Snap It Up?

Should you splash the cash on this floating marvel? If you're on the hunt for a piece that ticks boxes for looks and practicality with a sprinkle of 'wow', then it's a resounding yes. This isn't just a TV unit; it's a space-optimizing, style-enhancing chum for those aspiring to living space greatness. Handy tip: enlist a pal for the installation and consider a victory pizza for conquering the assembly challenge.

  • Easy to assemble: Comes with clear instructions, facilitating a straightforward setup process.
  • Attractive design: Features slow shutting doors with a stylish appearance when mounted.
  • Solid construction: Well-crafted for durability, offering great value and ample storage.
  • Space-saving: Ideal for compact spaces, enhancing the room without taking up floor space.
  • Complements wall-mounted TVs: Designed to pair with wall-mounted TVs and support additional electronics.
  • Heavy: Challenging to mount due to its weight; may need extra support.
  • Complex assembly: Some users find the instructions and assembly process time-consuming.
Decorotika Peti Floating TV Stand Cabinet TV Unit Multimedia Storage Shelf Wall Mount Entertainment Unit (Oak)

Decorotika Peti Floating TV Stand Cabinet TV Unit Multimedia Storage Shelf Wall Mount Entertainment Unit (Oak)

Modern Floating TV Unit for Contemporary Homes

Sturdy, reliable, and chic, the DECOROTIKA floating TV unit is perfect for those seeking a modern, clutter-free living space with an elegant oak finish.

Check Latest Price
Size: 135L x 35W x 23H cm, 16 kg
Material: 18 mm thick manufactured wood
Colour: Oak
Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Designed to complement wall-mounted TVs, this unit offers a sleek storage solution.

What Tickled Our Fancy with the Floating TV Unit

Picture this: the Decorotika Peti Floating TV Stand Cabinet TV Unit Multimedia Storage Shelf Wall Mount Entertainment Unit (Oak) an eye-catcher that won't let you down. Imagine a TV stand that's robust yet seems to levitate a true David Copperfield in the world of furniture. Tangled wires causing nightmares? This clever design cleverly hides them away. And if your DIY skills are a bit, well, "DI-why?", fear not; putting this piece together is as easy as pie.

What Grinded Our Gears...

Now, let's not beat around the bush the shelf space can feel a tad limited, causing a bit of a squeeze for your electronic companions. And about that price some might say it's like paying for champagne on a beer budget, considering the materials. Plus, cross your fingers for a smooth delivery; damaged goods can really kill the buzz.

Head-to-Head with the Competition

When pitted against its rivals, the natural oak finish gives it a run for their money, not to mention its top-notch style and customer care. But keep an eagle eye on the snug shelf issue and the potential gamble with delivery.

Verdict: Should You Take the Plunge?

Are you in the market for a slice of chic and a touch of function? Then, this unit might just be your match. It's on point with quality, simplicity in assembly, and design finesse. Just double-check that shelf size to avoid a square peg, round hole situation, and maybe light a candle for the delivery gods. From us, it's a resounding nod for those looking to jazz up their space.

  • High Quality: Constructed from natural oak, ensuring sturdiness and longevity.
  • Customer Service: DECOROTIKA is known for their attentive and professional customer service.
  • Value for Money: Priced to offer great value considering its quality and design.
  • Sleek Design: Slim profile perfect for modern decor.
  • Easy Assembly: Simple setup with included cavity for cable management.
  • Limited Space: The shelf space may not accommodate some larger electronic devices.
  • Price: A minority of customers feel the pricing is high relative to the product.
  • Shipping Concerns: There have been reports of damage during shipping, which can be frustrating.
Gfw Kendal Oak Small Unit

Gfw Kendal Oak Small Unit

Streamlined elegance for modern homes.

Sturdy, reliable, and stylish, the GFW Kendal Oak Unit is perfect for contemporary living spaces, offering ample storage and easy cable management.

Save £62.01 TodayRRP £98
£35.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 20th June, 00:15:54

Size: H - 48cm x W- 100cm x D - 39cm
Material: Wood
Colour: Grey
Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Maximises space with its floating design, making it ideal for compact living areas.

Expert Review: GFW Kendal Oak Small Unit with Display Shelves & Storage

Picture this: a 65" TV hovering like a majestic eagle, and the Gfw Kendal Oak Small Unit is your trusty branch. With its oak finish that tickles the aesthetic senses, this unit is a titan in the art of decluttering. Assembly? A no-sweat affair, no need for an arsenal of tools. But dont be fooled by its delicate appearance this unit has the backbone of an oak, steadfastly supporting your tech treasures.

Top Features We Adored

Why settle for vanilla when you can have the full sundae? Spaciousness paired with a breeze of an assembly, the GFW Kendal Oak Small Unit is a smooth talker and an even smoother walker. Ample storage meets sleek shelves, while the cable management system is like a magic wand for mess abracadabra, and its tidy!

Quirks and Quibbles

Lets not beat around the bush theres a tiny storm in paradise with the door side trim. Its been known to play hardball, sometimes not aligning perfectly, which can lead to the dreaded snap. While most of the assembly is a walk in the park, there are moments you might wish for a friendly sidekick to navigate the trickier bits.

Stacking Up Against the Competition

In the ring with its rivals, our champ here delivers a knockout in value, strength, and storage smarts. But, keep your wits about you for that door trim knowledge is power, and in this case, it could save the day.

Verdict: Should You Take the Plunge?

Bottom line: the GFW Kendal Oak Small Unit is a heavyweight in disguise. Its the stylish, sturdy, and savvy choice for the organised at heart. It might play a bit of hardball when putting it together, but the prize is a streamlined haven thats a testament to your handiwork.

  • Spacious accommodation: Fits televisions up to 65 inches with roomy cupboards.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Solid construction that is both heavy and stylish.
  • Exceptional value: Attractive furniture that offers great bang for the buck.
  • Modern-country blend: Aesthetically pleasing with a mix of classic and modern design.
  • Simple setup: Easy to assemble with minimal tools required.
  • Door trim flaws: Potential for non-flush door trim leading to breakage.
  • Assembly challenges: May require two people and can take longer than anticipated.
  • Limited storage design: Not ideal for DVD storage or color matching due to lack of specific paint code.
Pmnianhua Floating TV Stand

Pmnianhua Floating TV Stand

Space-Efficient and Elegant TV Stand

Sturdy, reliable, and oozing sophistication, this floating TV unit adds a modern touch to any room. Ideal for those prioritising style and functionality.

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Size: 120 x 23.6 x 15.8 cm
Material: Engineered wood
Colour: Dark Brown
Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: This unit features a wall-mounted design that saves floor space and presents a floating effect for a sleek home aesthetic.

The Upsides of the Sleek Pmnianhua Floating TV Stand

Tangled cables behind your TV stand? Say hello to your new best friend: a sleek, wall-mounted marvel that makes cord clutter a distant memory. It's not just about looksthis unit is practical to its core. The ease of assembly? It's akin to assembling a LEGO set, only with a result that's both stylish and sturdy.

Hanging this gem on your wall is as smooth as silkeverything you need comes right out of the box. And the best part? It's a master of disguise for those pesky cables. Neat freaks, rejoice!

High-quality construction? Absolutely. Mounting it on the wall without a hitch? You bet. Exceptional customer service and bomb-proof packaging? The icing on the cake!

The Not-So-Great Bits

Time for a natter about the niggles. Dreaming of a perfect fit for your UK plug? You might need to get craftythe opening's a tad tight. Feeling the pinch? The price might make you gulpit's a premium piece, not a flat-pack free-for-all. Bulky set-top box? You'll need to get creative with your space. And be warned, there's a rare tale of the missing piece poltergeist.

Stacking Up Against the Competition

How does this contender size up in the ring of floating TV units? Its elegant design and solid craftsmanship deliver a knockout. Sure, it's not without a couple of battle scars, but what champ is? All in all, it's a top-tier contender.

Final Thoughts: To Splurge or Not to Splurge?

The floating tv unit isn't just eye candy; it's a one-stop shop for a clutter-free, stylish viewing experience. The installation is a breeze, its aesthetic is on point, and it reigns in the cable chaos with ease. Despite a few minor hiccups, it's a formidable choice for those seeking a sprinkle of minimalist elegance in their viewing area. Should you invest in this piece of functional art? If your heart desires a seamless meld of beauty and practicality, then the answer is a thunderous 'absolutely!'.

  • Space-Efficient Design: Maximises upper space, freeing up floor area for a clean look.
  • High-Quality Plywood: Sturdy, waterproof, formaldehyde-free with a durable and smooth finish.
  • Cable Management: Two cable holes for hiding wires and maintaining an organised space.
  • Stylish & Safety: Matches various furniture styles and features anti-collision rounded corners.
  • Easy Assembly: Comes with all necessary tools and a step-by-step guide for quick setup.
  • Hole Size: The size for UK plugs may be too small, which could require modification.
  • Price Point: Considered high for the number of wooden components provided.
Costway Floating TV Stand

Costway Floating TV Stand

Chic wall-mounted unit for modern homes.

Sturdy, space-efficient, with ample storage and a sleek design, this floating TV unit is perfect for contemporary interiors seeking elegance and functionality.

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Size: 108 x 33 x 30cm
Material: P2 Particle Board
Colour: Black
Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Effortlessly mounts at any height, optimizing vertical space with a floating effect.

Diving into the COSTWAY Floating TV Stand

Imagine defying gravity with your TV setup that's the kind of sorcery the Costway Floating TV Stand brings to your living room. This piece clings to your wall like a barnacle, granting you the gift of open floor territory think of the dance moves you could bust out with that extra space! It's a sturdy beast, too, ready to cradle your TV with the tenderness of a gentle giant. Storage-wise, it's a real-life TARDIS compact on the outside, roomy on the inside for all your bits and bobs. And in the fashion stakes? This stand's chic black finish is so suave, James Bond might just trade in his suit.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows...

Thinking of supersizing your screen? Hold your horses. This stand might not handle the heft of a colossal TV. Gear up for some DIY fun it's assembly time, and this isn't a drill (though you'll probably need one). If you're a fan of colour variety, the singular shade offering might not tickle your fancy.

The Showdown with its Peers

In the floating TV stand battle royale, this contender is a heavyweight in the durability department and a genius when it comes to space-saving. However, it doesn't wear the crown of versatility in size and colour. It's the classic give-and-take scenario what will you choose?

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Time for the final verdict. Got a cosy nook and a moderately-sized screen? This stand could be the sidekick your living room deserves robust and clever with its space. But if the mere thought of manual labour makes you twitch, or you're vying for a rainbow of options, this might not be your match made in heaven. The ball's in your court, so choose your player wisely!

  • Sturdy construction: Reliable support for holding TVs securely.
  • Space-saving design: Wall mounting maximises living space.
  • Ample storage: Features four compartments for organisation.
  • Attractive appearance: Black finish for a modern aesthetic.
  • Versatile usage: Can function as a TV console or sideboard.
  • Limited size options: May not fit larger TV models.
  • Assembly complexity: Some users may find construction challenging.
  • Limited color choices: Black may not suit all decors.
Decorotika Pivot Floating TV Stand Cabinet TV Unit Multimedia Storage Shelf Wall Mount Entertainment Unit (White)

Decorotika Pivot Floating TV Stand Cabinet TV Unit Multimedia Storage Shelf Wall Mount Entertainment Unit (White)

Contemporary solution for modern homes.

Sturdy, space-saving, with a sleek white finish, perfect for contemporary interiors. Offers superb value for anyone looking for style and function.

Save £2.99 TodayRRP £38.98
£35.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 20th June, 00:15:54

Size: 115.5 x 28.5 x 21.5 cm
Material: Melamine coated particle board
Colour: White
Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Equipped with a spacious shelf for devices, this unit is ideal for keeping living spaces neat and tidy.

A Peek at the Decorotika Pivot Floating TV Stand Cabinet TV Unit Multimedia Storage Shelf Wall Mount Entertainment Unit (White)

Ever fancied a TV setup that defies gravity? This floating tv unit is the closest you'll get to levitating your entertainment. With a design sharp enough to make a fashionista take notes and a robustness that screams durability, it's a storage chameleon. You've got a soundbar, game console, or a small army of remotes? No sweat, this unit swallows them whole it's practically a magic trick!

A Few Niggles to Nibble On...

But wait don't start your victory dance just yet. Have a wall that's more air than brick? You'll need to play the handyman before this floating wonder can take pride of place. And when it comes to cable management, precision is key; no one wants a Swiss cheese wall. A whisper on the wind suggests the materials and screws might not be the cream of the crop, but hey, nothing's perfect, right?

Throwing It into the Ring With Its Peers

In the heavyweight battle of TV units, this one's got moxie with its svelte design and DIY-friendly vibe. It won't float up like a balloon there's some heft to it. And sure, assembling it is a bit like a puzzle, but who doesn't love a challenge? Compared to its peers, this unit isn't just a pretty face; it's got the guts to back it up.

The Final Scoop: Should You Swipe That Card?

So, what's the bottom line? Hunting for a slick, space-efficient roost for your electronic flock? This piece is a contender. But remember, it's not a fairy-tale some assembly required, and you might find the finish isn't fairy dust. Mull it over, consider the might of your walls, and then make the call could this be the belle of your tech ball?

  • Quality: Made from high-quality materials with an attractive design.
  • Assembly: User-friendly, easy to put together with storages.
  • Reliability: Sold by a genuine seller known for excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Storage: Provides spacious shelving for all your TV needs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various electric devices and comes in a chic oak color option.
  • Material Quality: Some concerns with poor materials and cheap fittings.
  • Weight: Can be heavy for mounting on stud walls, may require extra support.
  • Installation: Need to be cautious during installation to avoid damage.
Fitueyes Floating TV Stand Cabinet

Fitueyes Floating TV Stand Cabinet

Modern and space-efficient entertainment hub.

Sturdy, reliable, with a space-saving design, FITUEYES Floating TV Unit is the go-to choice for a contemporary look and functional media storage.

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Size: 100 x 30 x 17.2 cm
Material: High quality MDF
Colour: Matte Black
Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Sleek matte black finish and easy cable management for a clutter-free look.

Our Verdict on the Floating Marvel

Upon encountering the Fitueyes Floating TV Stand Cabinet, it wasn't just a case of affection at first sight, it was downright practical love. The robust construction and simplicity that turns assembly into child's play had us tipping our hats. This unit is like that savvy friend who knows how to maximise a living room's square footage, offering a sleek, modern vibe that banishes clutter with a flick of its invisible cape. It's a silent guardian of style, its solid wood essence whispering elegance into your abode.

A Few Niggles...

But let's not waltz around the drawbacks. The shelf can be a bit on the shallow side, possibly giving your chunky game console the silent treatment. And those pesky cables might just want to steal the limelight unless you channel your inner Houdini. Some users have raised an eyebrow at its generous proportions, and the instructions have caused a few to scratch their heads. And when it comes to the price tag, there's a bit of debatesome say it's reaching for more pennies than it should.

How It Stacks Up

Now, if we toss this unit into the ring with its competitors, it's clear it's no lightweight. The solid wood is a testament to its resilience, making it a true contender in the durability stakes, while also winning the beauty pageant. However, if your gaming console resembles a mini fridge, you may be playing a game of spatial Tetris. And for those who detest cable clutter, the search for the perfect hideaway continues.

Should You Take It Home?

So, the burning query: is this the one? If you're tight on space and craving a chic fix for your lounge, this floating wonder could be your knight in matt-finished armour. But, if you're toting a battalion of bulky tech or have a zero-tolerance policy for visible wires, you might want to keep your options open. It's a resounding thumbs up for compact living enthusiasts, but a contemplative chin-stroke for the big gamers out there.

  • Quality and Assembly: High-quality MDF and hassle-free assembly.
  • Design: Space-efficient, compact design that maximises room utility.
  • Material: Durable solid wood construction for longevity.
  • Functionality: Functional with a neat appearance, keeping spaces tidy.
  • Aesthetics: Modern design that enhances room aesthetics.
  • Size Limitation: Shallow opening not suitable for larger consoles.
  • Cable Management: Design may expose cables, requiring extra management.
  • Size Discrepancy: Some users found the unit longer than expected.
Pmnianhua Floating TV Stand

Pmnianhua Floating TV Stand

A sleek storage solution for modern homes.

Sturdy, reliable, and stylish, the Pmnianhua Floating TV Unit enhances any living space. Ideal for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic without compromising on functionality.

Check Latest Price
Size: 120 x 20 x 16 cm
Material: Engineered Wood
Colour: Dark Grey
Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: Space-saving design with a wall-mounted feature that allows for easy cleaning underneath.

Unveiling the Sleek Pmnianhua Floating TV Stand

Imagine a TV stand that almost defies the laws of physics. This floating tv unit won't actually levitate your telly, but it will elevate your living space with its illusion of airy lightness. This piece is a clutter-buster's dream, hugging your wall like a long-lost friend and gifting you with precious floor real estate. More room to dance, anyone?

Installation: A Cakewalk or a Headache?

Is the thought of installation giving you the jitters? Fear not. Assembling this beauty is as easy as pie a pie that comes with its own toolkit, I might add. You'll whip this stand up in less time than it takes your microwave to ping, with instructions clearer than a summer's day. And when it comes to keeping it pristine, a simple wipe is all it takes. No sweat!

Cable Management: Hide and Seek Champion?

Wrestling with cables? The stand's cable management system might be tighter than your budget after a shopping spree, but it's designed to keep your setup looking sharp. Got a chunky plug? A bit of ingenuity will be your best friend here. And remember, this stand is a heavyweight champ in a slimline package, so ensure your wall is sturdy enough to take the punch.

Rivalry Review: Does It Hold Its Own?

When comparing this unit to others, it's like putting it in the ring with Goliath and our Pmnianhua contender punches well above its weight. It's not made for every oversized gadget, but with its swanky features and solid construction, it's got a certain je ne sais quoi think the David Beckham of TV stands: dapper, dependable, and full of surprises.

The Final Say: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Wondering if the floating tv shelf deserves your dosh? If a chic, space-saving marvel that's more steadfast than a British bulldog appeals to you, then it's a thunderous thumbs-up. Just ensure your wall is robust and your devices are svelte enough to partner with this trendy piece. It's not just any TV stand; it's the centerpiece of your room.

  • Easy to install: Simplified wall-mounting process with a complete tool kit.
  • Lovely aesthetic: Fast delivery with easy assembly and a stunning appearance.
  • Good solid design: Includes heavy-duty fixings and a sleek, non-bulky structure.
  • Practical and beautiful: Wipeable surface with extra wall nails and surprising additional attachments.
  • Excellent quality: Solid construction with straightforward instructions and necessary tools provided.
  • Constricted cable management: Small cable holes may not fit all plugs or accommodate larger AV units.
  • Depth limitations: Some AV equipment might not fit, requiring users to verify dimensions.
  • Weight considerations: Heaviness necessitates a strong wall for secure mounting.
Gfw High Gloss Wall Mounted Floating TV Unit

Gfw High Gloss Wall Mounted Floating TV Unit

Sleek Wall-Mounted Entertainment Solution

Sturdy, sleek, and contemporary with a high-gloss finish and LED lighting; ideal for modern homes seeking a minimalist aesthetic.

Save £20.00 TodayRRP £55.99
£35.99 at Amazon UK

Prices checked: 20th June, 00:15:54

Size: 32H x 35D x 150W cm
Material: Engineered wood
Colour: White
Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Why this made our roundup: This Floating TV Unit is designed to accommodate up to a 65-inch TV, perfect for an immersive entertainment experience.

Our Take on the GFW High Gloss Wall Mounted Floating TV Unit for Television & Media

Who knew putting together a floating TV unit could be as easy as pie? We definitely didn't until we tackled this one. The glossy sheen makes it look like it's fresh out of a high-end designer catalogue, while the solid construction reassures you that it's not going to fall apart during the next episode of your favourite drama. And that little blue LED light? It's like the cherry on top that says, "Yeah, I'm modern and I've got flair!"

Some Quirks We Spotted

Now, let's chat about the flip side. Choice is king, and sadly, this unit's colour range is more like a pawn. If you're not into the "limited edition" vibe of the colour options, you might feel a tad boxed in. Size variety isn't its strong suit either. And cables we've got to talk about the cables. The management system here is a bit like herding cats, tricky and a tad frustrating. Plus, we've raised an eyebrow at a few components that seem like they might call it quits earlier than you'd want. Mounting it? Let's just say, it's not everyone's cup of tea.

The Competition: How Does It Stack Up?

Compared to the sea of floating marvels out there, our featured unit floats quite well with its no-sweat assembly and snazzy looks. But, when it comes to being the chameleon of wall-mounted wonders, it's a tad behind the curve due to those pesky colour and cable conundrums.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

So, is the GFW High Gloss Wall Mounted Floating TV Unit for Television & Media the belle of the ball? It's strong, it's got that modern je ne sais quoi, and assembling it won't have you reaching for the stress ball. Sure, it's not perfect but show me something that is! If your heart's set on a piece that'll bring the future to your front room with just a hint of sci-fi glow, this just might be your match. Ideal for people who are after a slick, space-efficient entertainment hub with a bit of pizzazz.

  • Easy assembly: Puts together effortlessly, requiring minimal time and tools.
  • Gloss finish: High-gloss coating provides a sleek, modern look.
  • Sturdiness: Sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • Design: Contemporary style with clean lines and modern aesthetics.
  • LED lighting: Features an adjustable battery-operated LED light for ambience.
  • Limited colour options: Only available in a few colours, which may not suit all decor.
  • Size Variations: Restricted size choices can limit compatibility with different spaces.
  • Cable Management: Cable handling could be better to maintain a neater appearance.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Floating TV Unit for Your Child’s Room

When it comes to decking out your child’s room, every piece of furniture plays a pivotal role in creating a safe, functional, and stimulating environment. Among these, the floating TV unit stands out as a contemporary choice that marries style with practicality. However, the decision isn’t as straightforward as it seems. In this guide, we will explore the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the perfect floating TV unit for your little one’s room.

1. Safety Above All

The paramount concern in any child’s room is safety. Ensure that the TV unit is robustly fixed to the wall to prevent any accidents. Opt for units with rounded corners and edges to minimise risk of injury. Always double-check the unit’s weight capacity to ensure it can safely hold your TV and other items.

2. Appropriate Height and Accessibility

The height of the floating TV unit should be tailored to your child’s eye level for comfortable viewing. Additionally, consider the ease with which they can access the unit, keeping in mind that too low might tempt little ones to reach for the TV.

3. Ample and Safe Storage

Choose a unit with adequate storage for media essentials. Enclosed compartments or drawers can help keep the room tidy and prevent small items from becoming choking hazards.

4. Size and Proportion

The unit should complement the size of the room and the TV. A unit that’s too large can overwhelm a small space, while a small unit might lack functionality.

5. Durable and Easy-to-Clean Materials

Select materials that are not only sturdy and long-lasting but also easy to clean. Materials like laminates or treated wood are great options.

6. Design That Delights

The aesthetic of the TV unit should align with the overall theme of your child’s room. From whimsical and playful to sleek and modern, choose a style that sparks joy in your little one.

7. Efficient Cable Management

A unit with a sound cable management system is crucial to avoid messy cables, which can be hazardous in a child’s space.

8. Adequate Ventilation

Ensure the unit provides sufficient ventilation for electronic devices to prevent overheating.

9. Future-Proofing

Consider how the unit will serve your child as they grow. Adjustable features or modifiable designs can add longevity to your purchase.

10. Balancing Cost and Quality

While budget is a significant factor, investing in a high-quality unit can be more economical in the long run. Don’t compromise on the essential features for the sake of cost.

Choosing Yours Floating TV Unit

Choosing the right floating TV unit for your child’s room involves a careful balance of safety, functionality, and aesthetics. By considering these key factors, you can create a space that is not only safe and comfortable for your child but also grows with them.

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