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Unique places to find great stuff for your child’s room


If you’re looking to kit out your nursery or child’s bedroom in style, then there’s a tonne of really good places to get lost in online. Here’s a list of some of the ones I love – some are obvious but hopefully there’ll be some you haven’t seen just yet. This list is in no particular order – they’re all equally special places to kit out a child’s room.

#1 Made.com

You can spend hours looking online at Made.com. Hey, it beats working. They have some really unique and often very stylish and distinct furniture that oozes charm as well as quality. Storage, beds, really cool chairs – you name it. There’s lots of designery bits here and they often have some pretty hefty sales on too if you like to grab a bargain. Some of their pieces just make me smile and I’m sure you and your children will love them too.

Check out Made.com here

#2 Kiddies Kingdom

Kiddies Kingdom actually started out in the 80s as ‘The Nappy Shop’. You’ll find more than nappies there today. It’s a good job you can sit back with a nice hot drink and zip around their product range – because it’s HUGE. If this was a shop, you’d be word out halfway round. They’ve got the works: imaginative toy boxes, beautifully crafted beds, a massive selection of nursery sets and practically everything you could think of. There’s a lot of nice items I’d not seen on any other shop too. Check out Kiddies Kingdom and enjoy looking around.

Visit Kiddies Kingdom

#3 Amazon

Who doesn’t love a delivery from Amazon. Except when you get home and you’ve got one of those cards and have to traipse round to the neighbors to collect it. But it’s hard to deny how quick and easy it is to shop at Amazon. Most of the big brands are on there and while you might have more luck finding something out there and different at places like Made.com, there’s still an incredibly good selection of storage, beds and other kids room essentials.

See what Amazon has to offer here

#5 Cuckooland

Cuckooland is another site I can lose myself in for hours. It features high-spec very unique furniture and has it’s own section just for kids stuff. There’s some brilliant stuff here – from Tee Pee beds to beds with slides, and some very creative storage units. It’s actually hard to find anything ‘normal’ or boring there. You’ll wish you were a kid again and you could play in some of the stuff on this site. Check them out – they’re fab.

Check out Cuckooland Here

#6 Samuel Johnston

As if you didn’t have enough bookmarks under ‘baby stuff’, there’s another one you might want to squeeze in there. Samuel Johnston has been running for over 80 years and has everything from prams to room sets. There’s usually a sale or offer on too so you can grab some bargains. I was hard pressed to find any of the major brands that weren’t stocked at this online baby store, and there’s also lots of unique cool baby stuff that’s well worth a look. A really good shop with some great prices and a whopping range of all things baby.

Click here to see what’s in store at Samual Johnston

Have you found any places to get unusual or unique stuff for your child’s room? Let me know in the comments!

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