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Would Your Child Love This Fire Engine Low Sleeper?


If it’s time to choose a new bed for your little one, then here’s one that’s bound to be a hit. This fab fire engine bed for kids makes transitioning to a ‘real’ bed much easier and more fun than a plain old bed.

We love kids beds that bring a bit of fun to bedtime. There’s some great reports from buyers who say their kids can’t believe their luck when they see this.

Awesome fire truck design

This bright red fire truck is packed with some lovely little details and is brightly painted. It’s got it’s own steering wheel as well as a blue light on the top. It makes bedtimes fun for 3,4 and older kids and it’s fine if you want to get in beside them to read a story.

It’s a fully slatted bed, for added comfort and strength and parents say that they find there’s plenty of room if they need to sleep in with their children. And the wheels are the newer ‘3D’ kind for added realism and fun.

Some clever additions built in

There’s some clever, sneaky things worked into the design of this fire truck bed for children. The door part is a cutaway that makes it easy for younger firemen to hop onto their new bed. While the sides of the engine stop your toddler from falling out. Another cool addition is the shelf (the part where the little movable steering wheel is).

Nice rounded corners for added safety

I didn’t notice when I first saw it at first, but all the corners on the fire truck bed are have been carefully rounded. It’s hard enough stopping kids whacking themselves off things when they’re tired so this is one less thing to worry about.

There’s also no places where little hands, heads or any other children’s bits can get stuck. Another good thing about this bed is it’s a low sleeper so you don’t have to worry about anyone rolling out of bed.

Superb build quality

There’s nothing worse than putting something together and it wobbles and creaks after a few weeks. The fire engine bed for little ones is made from MDF and is extremely tough and durable. It’s not a cheap and nasty product and has been designed to withstand the absolute armageddon that children are capable of unleashing.

This is a bed they’ll be playing with (and sleeping in) for years to come. Sadly there is some self-assembly required but it’s no harder than average. And hey, it’s worth it. Isn’t it?

More facts and info about this fire truck sleeper

If you’ve got one of these, please send us a picture and let us know in the comments what your kids thought of their bed!

Anything else?

If you’re looking for some safety advice on all things to do with toddlers and young kids sleeping, check out the NHS website, which has some good advice for parents.

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