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Grey Nursery Furniture Sets


Setting up the nursery is one of the most exciting and fun parts about having a baby. My wife and I spent around 6 months working every afternoon to get our lovely little girls’ room ready for her arrival. Picking decent grey nursery furniture sets take a lot of time online or hunting around Ikea or Mamas and Papas for ideas.

This guide we’re looking at some modern grey sets. It’s a colour that can be a fantastic, modern, beautiful and unisex theme, combined with the right room decor it can look amazing. And there’s some fab sets around. Let’s take a look at some ones to keep and eye on.

#1 Stamford Mini Sleigh 2 Piece Room Set

Grey nursery furniture sets

As much fun as setting up baby’s perfect nursery can be, it can also be REALLY expensive. All the little extras you haven’t though of mount up. I know, we’ve done it twice. (But it was worth it…) So it’s nice when there’s some room furniture that’s actually not some flimsy rubbish but that’s also not going to cost an arm and a leg.

Obaby grey cot bed is one of the better grey nursery furniture sets

Obaby’s straight up 3 piece set offers a modern set for baby’s room with everything you’ll need furniture wise. And at just under £500 it’s really good value. (When it’s not sold out)…

There’s more beautiful Nursery Sets for under £500 in this guide.

The cots got the usual 3 height positions and it will convert into the toddler bed when needed. There’s two nice chunky storage spaces on the changing table. I mean there’s just never enough storage in a nursery, but it’s a start.

To that end, the wardrobe is one that you’ll want to hang onto for years because there’s plenty of room for hanging clothes and two deep drawers for undies, PJs or just stuffed with nappies. A really nice grey baby set that doesn’t cost the earth.

#2 East Coast Alaska Grey Baby Bedroom Set

If you’re just after a good 2 piece set for your baby’s room then this East Coast Alaska Sleigh 2 piece is definitely worth a look. The cot looks fab with or without the detachable bars and has matching sleigh design to the changing table.

This set comes with a gorgeous gray changing table

You’ll be spending a lot of time at the changing table so it’s important there’s nothing on it that’s annoying. We had one that had the most awkward sticky out bits at the front. Thankfully this set has lovely smooth edges to that end and everything’s made from nice thick wobble-free wood.

This set also comes with a mattress, so it’s nice not having to buy that on top. And the cot has a large slide out drawer underneath which c an be used to store blankets, toys and stuff with all that junk that trips you up. This is a really good-looking, modern set that’s packed with safety features and a great design.

Thankfully this set has lovely smooth edges to that end and everything’s made from nice thick wobble-free wood

#3 Stamford Mini Sleigh 3 Piece Gray Set

This is a really good quality set from Stamford that comes with a 3 height cot, chancing table with Batman utility levels of storage, and a brilliantly designed wardrobe that’s got shelves, open storage and a closet to store larger clothes. All three units have a sweeping sleigh design, with rounded edges that you’ll likely be thankful for once baby starts to get up and mobile.

…the wardrobe has two hanging rails in the right side as well as three nice big shelves you can grab stuff from in a hurry

If you’re like me and you want loads of storage, then this might be the set for you. As well as the cupboards and shelves, this nursery set has another drawer under the cot. And the wardrobe has two hanging rails in the right side as well as three nice big shelves you can grab stuff from in a hurry. Each part of this baby room set has had a lot of thought put into it and is as practical as it is well designed. A gorgeous luxury nursery set in discerning grey!

#4 Obaby Belton 3 Piece Room Set

With a 3 piece set that’s got a lot of style about it, the Belton 3 (available at Argos) comes with a really roomy wardrobe, a cot that will last through to a toddlers first bed stage, a storage unit with 3 large drawers and a changing station that you put onto the baby’s cot. I’ve had one of these on my second child’s room and it was very sturdy and easy to use. The advantage is you can keep the top of the drawer furniture free and use it after the cot has been swapped for a bed.

The wardrobe will last long into your child’s development!

Same for the wardrobe, it’s big enough that it will last long into your child’s development and has two generous storage rails as well as a large storage space above the rails. (Great for stuffing clutter in. This is a gorgeous grey nursery set with a modern, elegant design.

#5 Oxford Wooden Adjustable Cot (Mamas & Papas)

If you’re looking for a slightly lighter grey nursery set, then there’s a really eye catching one for sale on Mamas & Papas. This set combines style with safety and everything is designed with both a new born and a toddler in mind. Another really nice feature is the soft-close drawers. (Don’t you just love them…) The Oxford nursery set also comes with a whopping full-size wardrobe with a Narnia amount of storage space in there. Keep all your baby, and later, toddler outfits in there.

There’s some beautiful craftsmanship and style on show here…

There’s some beautiful craftsmanship and style on show here, especially in the cornice plinth detail on the cot. The grey coot converts to a toddler bed when you need it and in the mean time, there’s solid, rounded safety bars to keep toddlers safe. This set is packed to the eyeballs with charm and should last for years and years.

Check the price and details at Mamas & Papas

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little guide to some of the best grey nursery sets out there! Please let me know in the comments if you have any of these or if you’ve found a stylish gray room set of your own!

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