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Activity Tables for Toddlers


So your little one is on their feet and you want something to entertain them while also keeping them stable as they learn to stand and walk.  Thankfully there is a lot of choice from activity tables with storage to super entertaining all bells and whistles versions that are sure to keep toddlers entertained for hours on end!

You can also choose from a range of colours and themed activity tables such as the popular tree top adventure table.  We have been searching out the best on the market at the moment so read on for our activity table inspiration.

Top Pick - Manhatten Toy Tree Adventure Centre
Top Pick – Manhatten Toy Tree Adventure Centre


#1 –Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre

Ideal for hands on learning fun

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Table
Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Table

The tree top adventure wooden toddler toy is perfect to refine their motor skills. This is so colourful and fun they won’t realise the fantastic skills they are practising.  The tree-themed activity centre has everything from spinning dials and bead runs to gliders and springy flaps.

It even helps with shape recognition.  Out of all of the activity tables we have been reading about this one seems the most engaging and and engaged child means some peace for parents.

This wooden activity toy for toddlers measures 22.5″ tall and 18″ wide.  Perfect for ages 1 plus.  Would make a fantastic first birthday or Christmas gift.

What makes this activity centre stand out?

• Cool tree shape
• Highly featured graphics
• Safety tested and non toxic finish

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#2 – Top Bright Wooden Activity Cube Table

Best Budget Buy

Top Bright Wooden Activity Cube
Top Bright Wooden Activity Cube

If you’re looking for an activity table for a 1 year old then this is an excellent choice as it’s great quality and amazing value too.

This educational centre brings together five different activities which have been designed with toddlers in mind. Highlights of this cube are the bead maze and the bug sliders but we also love the gears and pointers.  Your little one will develop shape recognition with the help of the wooden shapes.  And of course all of this will help with developing those cognitive and fine motor skills.

‎Dimensions are 15.3 x 15.3 x 30 cm

Why this activity table is perfect for a one year old?

• Five activities in one
• Low Cost
• Unique Design

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#3 – VTech Play & Learn Baby Activity Table

Ideal to grow with your child

VTech Play & Learn Baby Activity Table
VTech Play & Learn Baby Activity Table

This all singing all dancing musical activity table is perfect for little ones aged 6 months plus.  You can start with the top of the table on the floor where they can be entertained pressing all of the buttons and listening to the different sounds.

As they grow you can put the legs on the table so they can stand up and play.

This interactive baby toy will introduce your little one to an array of colours, numbers, animals, shapes, letters and sounds, helping them to continue their early development. The great thing about this table compared to a lot of others us that it plays music which younger kids love.

Why choose this for the playroom?

• Comes in purple and pink colours
• Eight melodies
• Removable legs

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#4 – Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station

Ideal for creative thinking and melodies

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station
Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station

Wow this activity table has a whopping 65 melodies and sounds so your little one will never get bored!

With gears, colour circuits, lights and sounds we just love this table for little ones aged 12 months plus.

Dimensions of this activity table are 59.7 x 44.5 x 70.1 centimetres

Why this table makes the cut?

• 65 Melodies and Sounds
• Multiple kids can play at once
• Removeable legs for different modes of play

Find your Baby Einstein Table here >>

#5 – AMOSTING Kids Larger Activity Table and Chair Set

Ideal for style and longevity

AMOSTING Kids Upgraded Larger Activity Table and Chair Set
AMOSTING Kids Upgraded Larger Activity Table and Chair Set

This is one cool table.  Can be used as an activity table for little ones but also turns into a dining table so they will get so much use out of it from ages 3-7 too!  Build lego on it, play with toys and even turn it into a water table.  So much flexibility with this one.

Includes double sided table, chair and storage bins.  The blocks are not included.

Dimensions are 63.5 x 63.5 x 11.9 centimetres

Why your child will love it?

• Can be used as a dining table play table for homework, drawing and more
• toxic-free
• Stylish design

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So there we have our top 5 activity tables for toddlers.  We have tried to include a range to suit every budget and style. Not to mention the different age groups. At age 1 kids are just starting to explore and learn and these tables are ideal for developing fine motor skills and shape recognition, as well as helping their imagination and creativity.

Choosing larger options such as the Amosting kids table with chairs means you can use it for years to come.  If your objective is for as much fun and entertainment as possible for right now then the Baby Einstein and Vtech options are fantastic.

References and other links

You could always make your own activity or play table.  Here are some DIY tips to make your own personalised activity table to suit you and your little one.  Love the storage idea here.

Got a question about the best activity table to choose for a one year old?

Thanks for reading. Please ask in the comments if you have any questions or things we can help with.

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