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Get More Storage With A Child’s Trundle Guest Bed

The wonderful world of children’s single beds with trundles

There comes a time in every child’s life when they reach the stage of wanting to have friends stay over. If they’ve got cousins around the same age, it could be they’ll be making a nighttime visit at some point too. Unless you have oodles of space, or a spare room, it might be tricky finding somewhere for them to sleep.

Even if you have a spare room, chances are your little one will want them to sleep in their room anyway. One of the best ways to deal with this is the amazing world of children’s trundle beds!

Trundle beds are one of the best inventions ever. Imagine being able to conjure up a safe, secure extra bed without having a guest bed taking up valuable space…

Children’s trundle beds – magic space savers

A trundle what?

A trundle bed is a bed which sneakily hides another guest bed underneath it. It might be hidden away and look just like a drawer. Or it could be simply a smaller bed that slides neatly under another bed. When there’s someone extra to sleep over, you can use your children’s single bed with a trundle by simply pulling it outwards and there’s an extra guest-style bed.

Kids trundle beds have an extra kids guest bed under them

A trundle bed often has wheels on it for easy transport (works on carpet or hard floors). They’re a great way to squeeze the most out of a child’s room and are super-handy when they get old enough to start having friends stay for sleep overs. They’re also ridiculously fun if you’re a 3 years old.

How much will a kids trundle bed set you back?

Like everything with children’s furniture there’s a pretty good range of different children’s trundles out there. You can get a cheap one for just over £100, (and brand name ones at that) all the way up to £500. It depends on quality and whether or not you need bunk beds, and what the material is. MDF is usually more expensive than say pine.

I guess they’re a bit like the Swiss Army knife of beds.

Did you say trundle bunk beds?

Yep, for the ultimate in space-saving-gadgetry you can actually get bunk beds with an additional trundle bed underneath that. So, from the footprint of one single bed, you get a place for 3 sleepy heads to get a good night’s sleep. And you might be surprised at how cool some of these beds look. The Ye Perfect Triple Bunk Bed for example has 3 sturdy beds and a really sleek modern design.

Trundle Bed

Aren’t you losing precious drawer space though?

If there’s one thing my house can’t get enough of, it’s storage! There’s just never enough space to keep the ever growing army of toys my two seem to get more of each week. The good news is with a bit of crafty research online, you should be able to find some awesome trundle beds for kids that ALSO have slide out drawers under them. I guess they’re a bit like the Swiss Army of beds.

About Mattress sizes…

This is a tricky one because the trundle bed can come in different sizes, depending on which bed you’re going for. While the ‘normal’ part of the bed will be a full-size single child’s mattress, the trundle bed will likely me on the smaller size. Check the product description (if mattresses aren’t included) and see if you can find the correct sizes.


Lets take a look at some of the best kids trundle beds out there

#1 – Oxford Captains Kids Guest bed with trundle bed

My little girl first started mentioning sleep overs when she hit 6 years old. Since then it’s been talked about more and more. One of the things you’ll have to figure out is ‘where are they going to sleep?’ If you’re planning your daughters bed in advance, then it might be worth thinking about when they want to have friends or young family members sleeping over.

This LIGHT PINK (sorry, can’t find a boys equivalent) has a nice big trundle bed hidden underneath it.

I say hidden because when it’s closed you’d never know there was another bed there at all. This children’s trundle bed has three dummy drawers hide the bed away and make for a great design feature. The other three drawers, thankfully, are real ones that can be packed with at least some of the stuff that girls have in their rooms.


  • Sleeps 2
  • Pull out trundle bed
  • 3 spacious drawers
  • Wheels on the trundle for easy sliding in and out

Who’s this bed best for?

Classy girls rooms looking for a long term bed, with a proper slide out trundle bed.

Available at Furniture123

#2 – Jula Single Bed for Kids with trundle

This is a really good looking bed with a second bed stashed neatly underneath it. The good thing about these style of beds is that you can drag the spare one out and set it up anywhere in the room, or even in a different room. Another thing I really like with this bed is you still get plenty of storage underneath thanks to the two drawers beneath.

There’s also solid safety rails all around the upper part of this kids trundle bed to prevent anyone falling out of the ‘top’ bed and you can choose which side the entry gap is set to.

Ideal for…

A boy or girl’s room that’s short in space looking for a wooden style trundle bed.


  • Takes up to 150kg size
  • Available in different dimensions to match any room
  • Includes 2 mattresses
  • Choose installation left or right side
  • Two massive drawers
Best Price

£409.12 at Amazon
Price last checked: Thursday 27th February 2020 – 20:07 pm

#3 – Jessica Day Bed with Children’s Trundle Bed

If you’re looking for a trundle bed that’s elegant, cool and has some serious style to it, then there’s a really good one over at Cuckooland. The Jessica day bed is from the awesome Julian Bowen and actually doesn’t cost a fortune. Currently just under £290. It offers super-solid construction and a good-sized pullout kids guest trundle bed.

The bed looks just as good when the mini bed has been slid away thanks to the dummy drawers on the side panel.


  • From fab Julien Bowen
  • Very sturdy
  • Dummy door fronts when the bed is away
  • Finished in subtle ‘stone’ paint

Get this one if…

You’re looking for something with a classical look and a neutral colour that will fit with any room.

Visit Cuckooland For More info

#4 – Noa & Nani Isabella Single Kids Pull Out Bed

Noa and Nani have some gorgeous stuff for kids rooms that’s always a bit different and packed with style and charm. Their Isabella Trundle bed is no exception, featuring solid construction and a pullout bed that can be lifted to the height of the regular bed. This is thanks to two fold down sets of legs that flip easily down after sliding the bed out.


  • Solid pine children’s single bed with trundle
  • Sturdy construction
  • Pullout bed lifts to height of other bed
  • Really good Amazon reviews
  • Easy to move and put up

Ideal for…

Modern looking bedrooms looking for a proper solid bed for young guests to sleep on.

Best Price

£179.99 at Amazon
Price last checked: Thursday 27th February 2020 – 20:07 pm

#5 – Demeyere Sherwood Kids Trundle Bed

This is a real gadget bed with loads of places to put toys, books and general children stuff. There’s shelving units at the back and some nice sliding-door storage at the top of the unit. This would be a really fun bed for kids as they can have their favorite toys next to them. My little boy goes to sleep next to stretch Armstrong each night, but you know… whatever works.

Both the bed and the slide-out trundle bed are standard 200 x 90 cm builds and you’ll need to get your own mattresses for this one. It comes in white finish so it will fit nicely with any coloured bedding and its ideal for both boys and girls. It is for ages 6 and up.


  • Bed frame for 90 x 200 cm bedding
  • Loads of storage space
  • White finish
  • Top sliding doors
  • Years 6 and up

Get this children’s single bed with trundle if…

You really need some space and don’t have a huge area for your child’s trundle bed.

Find out more about this bed at Amazon UK

Final thoughts…

Picking a trundle bed that fits your space shouldn’t be too tricky. And they are one of the best ways to ensure everyone has a great nights sleep when they come to your house. There’s a good range of kids trundle beds out there if you hunt around a bit and bargains to be had. If you’re strapped for space, look for one of the ones with sneaky extra storage spaces and cubby-holes.

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