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Kids Teepee Cabin Beds: Fun, Practical and Stylish

You might have seen this gorgeous luxury kids teepee bed featured on the BBC DIY:SOS program. Perfect for a western themed room, or just for a cool modern room, that needs a special and unique bed.

The teepee comes in a modern, solid pine and painted white MDF construction. The exposed pine gives it an authentic look and feel. As it’s raised up, you can get a trundle draw in here, or just store toys that are tripping you up.

The tee pee part of the design has plenty of cutaways to make it open while giving kids a great place to hide and play. You’ll need a standard 90 x 200cm mattress (available in a bundle from Cuckoo Land.

5 reasons to get your child a teepee cabin bed

  1. They’re loads of fun – Teepee beds offer a safe place for your little girl, or boy to play out all kinds of games.
  2. They look modern and stylish – Out of all of the beds we’ve featured here, the Teepee beds are definitely up there among my favorites. They look sleek and fit in with a well designed room.
  3. There’s plenty of storage under the bed – You can never have too many places to store toys that stray. You can even invest in a pull-out trundle if you’d prefer.
  4. It’s easy to change the bedding – unlike mid or high sleepers, you won’t have to climb any great heights to change the bedding, although you might need to watch your head.
  5. They’re super-sturdy – The A shape is one of the strongest forms found in construction. Once assembled, your tee pee bed will stand the test of time.
Special Offer – Was £399.00
£349.00 at Cuckoo Land


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