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Charles Bentley Kids Jungle Safari Table Review


This is somewhat of a late review of this product, having bought it for our playroom over 4 years ago! I guess you could say I’m also in a good position to do the reviewing as I can attest to how long it lasts and how durable the product was.

What is this?

The Charles Bentley Jungle Safari Table (available on Amazon UK) is a bright, colourful table that comes with 4 chairs. It’s designed to go in any child’s room or play room and requires some basic self assembly. I say basic because this took me minutes to put together. All the legs just screw securely into place, and the chairs only have a few screws that are easy to get in. If only all self assembly kids tables were this easy!

I love the design

More importantly, both of our kids love the design. Each chair is a different jungle themed char, with the head forming the back rest on the chair. The artwork is simple, charming and very cheerful. It will brighten up any children’s room or playroom no problems!

I’ve even stood on the table when I had to change a bulb once. It doesn’t wobble at all and the chairs are just as sturdy.

How sturdy and safe is it?

While I can’t recommend you do the same, I’m around 15 stones and I have sat quite happily on this set of table and chairs many times. That’s how sturdy these chairs are. My daughter is now 8 and my little boy is 5 and they still use this table all the time. I’ve even stood on the table when I had to change a bulb once. It doesn’t wobble at all and the chairs are just as sturdy. This is really well put together.

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As for safety, it’s pretty hard to hurt yourself on these little chairs. Everything is well rounded on the edges and the kids chairs are difficult to rock back on. I don’t recall any accidents involving the table or chairs over the past years, which is quite an achievement the way my two throw themselves around.

What is this children’s table good for?

Over the years, this has been a real ‘everything’ table. My children have enjoyed many a meal on it. The chairs have been used to make a mini cinema for their friends. And the furniture has been used in countless dens and has been lugged up and down stairs. They’ve also been in both kids rooms and have survived at least one house move. This is a very versatile table and chairs that kids absolutely love.

It’s also a great table for arts and crafts!

How tough is it?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that kids can really give things a hammering! My little boy has a huge arsenal of weaponry at his disposal and god help any furniture that some of those things come in contact with. Whilst your little one might not even be crawling yet, there’ll come a time when they have their pals round and dings and whacks will happen. Its important to get a table and chairs for your nursery that will stand the test of time.

I have to say this table and chairs set is pretty remarkable in that regard. Nothing has broken, the legs haven’t snapped off, and the table surface is very resilient. It’s had slime poured all over it, glue lumps all over it, sticky food, the dreaded glitter and it’s still fine. It has a very tough finish on the paint and you can give it a right old scrubbing and it won’t bring the design off.

A quick tip

One thing that does happen with this kids room table and chairs, although infrequently, is that the legs of the chairs and tables can unscrew themselves. Not to the point where it’s actually dangerous. But something you have to stay on top of. One thing you can do to save yourself some twisting here and there is to put some glue on the threads, or some wood glue on the tops of the legs. This will make them secure and should stop them unwinding themselves.

Any bad points?

I don’t like to do reviews without giving some BAD points as well, to balance things out. I mean you could argue that this isn’t the cheapest kids table and chairs on the market, but in all honesty we’ve got our moneys worth and then some. It’s lasted so well and been a great little table for meals, drawing and play-times.

There’s just the slight problem with the legs unscrewing over time, as mentioned earlier. This isn’t a huge issue but it’s worth mentioning. And one other tiny thing that’s worth bringing up is when you get this furniture set, it has a highly polished lacquered finish. It looks great (might not stay like that for long!) But it is very slippy. I’m really nit-picking but just be aware they might skid off until they get used to it.

Summing up

My family love this kids table and chairs and have had so much use out of it. It’s become such a regular part of our daily lives I don’t think it’s something we could get rid of. It’s tough, looks great and will last long after the recommended upper age limit. Like I say, adults can easily sit on the chairs and use the table so, you know…

This is a brill table and chairs! Get one for your nursery or playroom at Amazon.

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